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For those of you that know me know that my style is a fusion of the old and the new, of working with different genres and creating a look that tells a story and has layers of intricacy. Hello ‘wabi-sabi’ or as we may know it to be ‘perfect imperfection’ i think that this really sums up the look perfectly (ironically).

What is wabi-sabi or the art of imperfect perfection?

It stems from the Japanese ideology ‘beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete’. It is rooted in Buddhism and stemmed from a tea ritual  where masters celebrated bowls that were handmade and irregularly shaped, a metaphor for the imperfection of life.

Is there beauty in something that will pass? Spring turns to summer to autumn to winter and then round again and each has their own beauty but yet they pass. Plants grow, some flower, then the petals fall and the whole process starts again. The idea of something that is not static and never stays the same but still beautiful in each state is part of wabi-sabi.

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In the interiors realm that means mismatched patterns and prints, vintage, bespoke and off the shelf pieces, exposed beams and it values simplicity, uncluttered, underplayed, and modest surroundings. Authenticity is key to the philosophy and the presence of cracks and visible ageing is thought to be an intrinsic part of how an object came to be in its current state at the current time and plays a significant part in these interiors. You mustn’t think that this means busy and overcrowded spaces, far from it, it values simplicity, minimalism and embodies a way of life.

What do you think of wabi-sabi? Is there beauty in imperfection?

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