Its been a while since my last post and i’m really trying to get the momentum going again, being busy is not an excuse… so here goes…

A friend recently asked me to come and take a sneak peak at a project he was working on and i was taken aback, it inspired me to try and get back on track and get my creativity back into gear!!

He was working for a client who owns the Hoxton Blues Bar and part of his brief was to ‘age’ the furniture, walls and some of the tiling to make it fit within some of the real materials that were already in the scheme which i think he did quite convincingly… sometimes a project comes along that completely challenges your thinking and makes you look at what you are currently doing and makes you want to change.

This is how this project has made me feel, it has shown me the the vintage interiors market is pretty big and the creative scope is endless. I have a lot to think about…. Take a look at the photographs (excuse the iPhone quality!) what do you think? Is there a growing market for vintage interiors? Are people now consistently asking for things to ‘look old’ ?

Be good to hear your opinions….


IMG_1690 IMG_1691 IMG_1692 IMG_1694 IMG_1697IMG_1693 IMG_1698 IMG_1699 IMG_1707 IMG_1705 IMG_1704 IMG_1703 IMG_1701




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