world book day

  • A World Book Day Inspired Style

    What better way to celebrate World Book Day than by looking at ‘book inspired’ styles.. now there are so many creative ways books have been used, below you’ll see a few that we really really like! hmmm…. now why didn’t we think of that!

    A table lamp with book display, combines the passion of books with the light needed to read them, how neat is that?!

    How minimal clean lines shape Stuttgart Library, I do really like this library although I am fairly traditional with how libraries should look for me to want to go in and get cosy in a corner to read!

    You could create your own art and paint the risers of your stairs into your favourite book spines, this would be quite a task to make sure you got all the colours, titles and styles right.

    This is a rather cool way to use the space within a fireplace, I would love to have the actual fire, but if I couldn’t then this would be a great way to display and store my huge collection of books!

    How about book ‘wallpaper’? Now this would have been a very tiresome decorating job, wouldn’t the books have just kept opening up? Just not quite sure how this would work!

    What about a wall literally covered in books from floor to ceiling – this is my kind of library, I would spend hours looking through this, Mr P would most definitely NOT be pleased!

    Now this is a really great use of space, and how lovely does it look, I am putting this on the wishlist aswell…

    There are so so many ways books can style or even become a space, some of which even I hadn’t thought of, its always a great idea to thoroughly research what you’re trying to do and you can find some great inspiration and ideas, and who knows, by next World Book Day maybe you’ll have your own version to share and show us…

    Here are some of my fave interiors books, perfect for reading, getting inspired and of course, coffee table styling!

    What are your favourites that you pick up time and time again? do you have any of the above?  Be great to hear what you look at for inspiration and what book centric interiors interest you!