New Years Resolutions

  • Resolutions; Shall We?

    So how many of you have sat down and thought about putting together some resolutions for the new year? I said I wouldn’t because they’re always broken, but I did it anyway. The difference this year though, is that I decided that I wasn’t going to say I needed to stop doing this or that, or do more of this. Instead what I did was think about what I needed to ‘do’ to be happy, healthy and successful.

    Want to hear what those ‘do’s’ are? I won’t keep you waiting…

    TIME – Give myself more time with the people I love, that means being more ‘present’ so learning to put that phone away, air-plane or do not disturb mode so that I can actually be in the room with no notifications or buzz to indicate a new message. Leaving my phone and emails in another room and actually having a technology cut off point. We now have no phones after 10pm and no phones in the bedroom either. It has been hard to start off with but I already feel better for it.

    LEARN – they say that we are always learning new things and to be at the top of our game we should learn something new every month, that doesn’t mean learning has to be boring! You could learn how to tango or how to knit, or even how to play golf. I listen to podcasts on my commute which talk about all sorts of things, still pondering what I actually want to learn for leisure but for business there are whole heaps of things I need to learn.

    READ – You should be consuming at least one book a month, hah – who has time to read? But we have kindles, there are apps to aid the reading process and create short but compelling synopsis’ of books meaning less time spent and many of us have commutes where we can read instead of being glued to our phones. I’ve built mine into my bedtime routine – at least 10 pages before bed, OK it doesn’t always happen but its a start and one I want to become part of every day.

    ZEN – I do want to be healthy and happy and have lots of boundless energy and part of that comes from being rested within, so I have downloaded a couple of mindfulness apps and am going to test which works for me. Meditating or learning to calm my mind is a skill I definitely want to master this year. It means a clearer head and allowing myself time to make decisions with no clouded judgement. Fingers crossed!

    SELF-CARE – You’re probably thinking all of the above are self-care, but in fact they aren’t, not in their entirety. This year I have proclaimed to Mr P that at least once a week I am going to take myself off and do something for me; that could be a massage, a fitness class, a few hours in a coffee shop just reading. drawing or pondering life. Don’t ask which I’m doing, it will probably end up a combination of all of these things, but they’ll be just what the doctor ordered at that specific time in my life!

    So there you have it, my do’s are really simple, they don’t involve ‘must’ do this or ‘mustn’t’ do that, they’re more principles for living a better lifestyle and ensuring I look after myself and in turn look after those most important that are around me. What are you pro-claiming your resolutions/rules/principles to be? Have you started yet or broken any yet?


  • My Goals for 2014….

    GOALS 2014

    Instead of ‘new years resolutions’ i’m taking them to be my ‘GOALS’ for 2014… I’m not sure if that means that they are more achievable but i will certainly give it a good go!

    To put my health first and look after number 1, apt that this is my first goal of 2014! In order to achieve all my blind ambitions (believe me there are lots of them!!) I need to be in good health, physically and mentally! Looking after myself doesn’t mean that i need to become a fitness guru, it means eating well, sleeping well and taking on less stress…. easier said than done, but I’m going to give it a good go!

    2014 is about increasing the amount I blog and making sure my online presence allows my audience to understand me and what I am all about! I still have a lot to learn but with the worldwide web as my teacher and lots of fabulous blogs out there I think I’m in capable hands!

    When life gets busy you almost forget all the positive thoughts you are trying to channel on a daily basis, when the going gets tough i need to make sure i remain positive and determined ’til the end. ‘Be positive, I can do it’ is what i need to keep telling myself and focus on.

    I have a dream of visiting South America, its the only part of the world i haven’t seen (kind of!) and i would very much like to start adding places from this continent to my map of places i have been…. Its pretty full, so i shouldn’t moan but i want to add to it. Different cultures and different cities add to the diversity of your creativity and fuel my curiosity, so i welcome it!

    Working as a project manager (currently this is where i am in my life) sometimes the creativity suffers and you find yourself tied to the laptop and endless excel spreadsheets rather than being on site and sourcing wonderful items for the vast projects you are managing…. Its part and parcel of the industry and personally i think all designers need to be able to do it all in order to provide the best service! However I don’t want my creative side to suffer and feel left out, so this year i need to make sure i set myself projects and tasks to nurture my creativity, after all i am a creative person first and foremost!

    So thats my list, not very extensive but it allows me to focus on whats most important and thats me (goal number 1!! yaay!)…. I need to make sure my head is in the zone and goals are easier to tick off the list rather than resolutions, even though they are all ongoing…. i found making this list quite difficult and had to think very carefully before i committed myself. What are your resolutions? Are they resolutions or goals? Have you broken any yet? 13 days in… let me know what you think of me turning mine into goals!

    You’ll be hearing more from me this year!!

    My sign off