Interior Design


    Do you claim to be an interiors junkie? Do you love to look at all the new trends and get them into your homes as soon as you find the accessories that really hit the special place in your heart? Or do you have a vision in your head but it nearly never goes as planned, or doesn’t turn out how you expected?

    We have a solution, here are 10 reasons why you should hire an interior designer, and sit back and let them do all the work for you, ensuring that you have an amazing space to entertain in!

    1. Spend money wisely and not to waste money resolving bad design decisions.

    2. The wow factor, chances are the experts have just the thing that will look great in that awkward space you can’t fill.

    3. Saves time, so that you don’t have to do it yourself, imagine hours saved searching for the perfect coffee table.

    4. Designers deliver a full room or house complete with accessories so you can sit back and enjoy it.

    5. Designers come up with things you wouldn’t have thought of.

    6. You are missing out on 90% of what’s out there buying retail, and trade usually means a better price, saving money is always a good thing, right?

    7. You don’t want your neighbours copying you, and interior designers ensure that what you’re getting is bespoke to you, your lifestyle and what you want to achieve.

    8. Designers are skilled in the “mix”: high/low, time periods, styles to keep your space interesting and cohesive. They can help incorporate historic details when appropriate, creating a story and narrative to your space.

    9. To spend more time enjoying your home with your family and showing off to your friends!

    10. Designers can turn unused space into your favourite spot in the house.. just like that.

    Last one being, well we are just all round awesome! Now, why wouldn’t you get an expert in?! If you want to understand how to find the right designer for you then have a look at this downloadable pdf… it’ll get you started on the right track. It’ll also get you onto our mailing list where you will be the first to know about interior trends and inspiration as well as any of our special offers before anyone else.

    If you’re still not convinced and you’d rather do it all yourself then sign up to our amazing workshop being held in London soon.



  • A World Book Day Inspired Style

    What better way to celebrate World Book Day than by looking at ‘book inspired’ styles.. now there are so many creative ways books have been used, below you’ll see a few that we really really like! hmmm…. now why didn’t we think of that!

    A table lamp with book display, combines the passion of books with the light needed to read them, how neat is that?!

    How minimal clean lines shape Stuttgart Library, I do really like this library although I am fairly traditional with how libraries should look for me to want to go in and get cosy in a corner to read!

    You could create your own art and paint the risers of your stairs into your favourite book spines, this would be quite a task to make sure you got all the colours, titles and styles right.

    This is a rather cool way to use the space within a fireplace, I would love to have the actual fire, but if I couldn’t then this would be a great way to display and store my huge collection of books!

    How about book ‘wallpaper’? Now this would have been a very tiresome decorating job, wouldn’t the books have just kept opening up? Just not quite sure how this would work!

    What about a wall literally covered in books from floor to ceiling – this is my kind of library, I would spend hours looking through this, Mr P would most definitely NOT be pleased!

    Now this is a really great use of space, and how lovely does it look, I am putting this on the wishlist aswell…

    There are so so many ways books can style or even become a space, some of which even I hadn’t thought of, its always a great idea to thoroughly research what you’re trying to do and you can find some great inspiration and ideas, and who knows, by next World Book Day maybe you’ll have your own version to share and show us…

    Here are some of my fave interiors books, perfect for reading, getting inspired and of course, coffee table styling!

    What are your favourites that you pick up time and time again? do you have any of the above?  Be great to hear what you look at for inspiration and what book centric interiors interest you!


  • The Alternative Christmas: Decor the Stylish Way!

    Christmas is one of those times of year that we recognise, that we’re comfortable with and we know what to expect. The Christmas tree is usually always green, although the trend for silver, pink and now blue is on the rise, there is tinsel, an abundance of tree decor front-lined by baubles in every shape, size and colour and then there is that red, associated with the man with the presents!

    But there is also a new trend, where tree’s are upside down, or not actual tree’s at all, decorations are ornaments that could stay out and up all year round and not be out of place, larger than your average light features that are already part of the space, what is this new ideal of Christmas decor? Is it because its easy? or because its stylish? new? trendy?

    Some of these new pieces are just gorgeous, but naturally you really have to look for a gem, so of course we’ve done the hard work for you, here are some of our favourites, what do you think?

    The Christmas Tree:

    This tree by Cox and Cox is the hanging alternative for those short on space or those that want to adopt the clean, minimal, Scandinavian style. All you need is a few decoration pieces, some lights and somewhere to hang this beauty. The great thing is, any new customers get 20% off their first order (remember to look at tree decor, it is lovely!)

    This tree from House of Fraser is the epitome of stylish LED focused Christmas decor, it speaks for itself I think. The great thing is, you don’t even need to take it down once Christmas is over (shhhh).

    What about one for the little ones? This chalkboard tree is one that the children can play with throughout the year, putting it in their room means you’ve got a bit of Christmas all year round!

    Finally, what about this Scandinavian inspired tree? I think I love this one the best, its ethereal and the natural wood  is something that I do connect with on another level. Adding to basket as we speak…!

    Best of the Baubles (in every shape, style and size):

    Wow, there are just so many styles out there, in our house we have a Christmas theme that is different each year. This means I get to search the interweb and the retailers looking for the perfect on theme decorative items every year, which is so so exciting, although it can be so stressful if I don’t find what I’m looking for.

    Just look at these, there are mice, plants, birds, chandelier’s, gold houses, white houses, illuminated letters it goes on and on wherever I look but the best places to look (where I always go first) are Cox and Cox, Graham and Green, Marks and Spencer and Cloudberry Living, take a look at them and tell me what you think. Do you have any others that I’ve not discovered?

    Features around the Home:

    Some of the decoration and styling items that are around now can be used all year, this means stylish, cool, interiors objects, items and art which you can just leave out for all to see all year round. here are some that I just think look perfect;

    These tea light houses are just great to create ambient lighting levels and suit all moods.

    This lamp is a bedside feature that doesn’t need to make an appearance once a year.

    Stars, stars, stars are everywhere and how many alternatives there are! I have always loved stars, so this is just ace for me!

    Santa’s sack has just taken on a whole new and very stylish meaning, this is on my list, when you’re not using them for presents I can tink of many uses for them.

    Do these lights REALLY need to go back into the box? I don’t think so.


    …. if you just like the geometry of Christmas decor then take a look at this wallpaper by Graham and Brown, I do just love the colours, forms and materials expressed in its design.

    These gold inlaid marble table tops sing with the same geometry and are just gorgeous, who says Christmas needs to be packed away every year?!

    You do of course always need extra seating so how about this armchair or pouffe, or even this fluffy stool.

    There are so so many items for the home out there that have a slant towards Christmas, yet they aren’t directly linked. Have you seen anything that I might not have found yet? Any decor that you have bought and want to shout about? Be great to hear what your findings are!


  • How to Add Warmth to a Space in the Cold Months

    Now that it’s getting dark earlier we all generally feel a bit low, we all love the daylight, even night owls like me. Lets be honest; bright, warm sunshine would be even better, but we live in the UK, we have to deal with the fact that its cold most of the time. But what if there was a way that we could bring warmth into our environments without relying on the gods?!

    Think about using sensory to touch materials, materials that you instant want to touch, run your hands over – ‘tactile’ is the word here. I’m thinking wood, leather, felt and stone. These are all natural materials with different structures and textures and they instantly add layers to a space as well as warmth. Imagine wall to wall, warm, natural (slightly rustic) oak flooring, with cotton rugs and sheepskin cushions dotted around, lets not forget the hessian and leather sofa’s and feature chairs which instantly soften the look and adds that all important comfort factor and dare I say it – warmth!

    Getting greenery indoors can also give us a sense of being enriched with warmth, ‘how’ I hear you asking? Well have you ever been for a walk in the forest or fields and picked up some foliage, bought it indoors and displayed it on a table or a window ledge – and instantly felt calmer? Nature has a way of instantly calming you, easing stress levels and detoxifying the air. It is also said to boost productivity and happiness…. see where I’m going with this? There’s your warmth – now if only I could bottle this up!

    Maximise natural light coming in; now we are luckier than some of our European friends, who in winter months get nothing but darkness, but there are ways to increase natural daylight coming into our homes. I only have thin curtains and when they’re open the whole world can see in but you can use sheers instead of curtains, I know we value our privacy and that’s great at night, but heavy curtains, dense netting and Venetian blinds can somewhat restrict light free flowing into our spaces. If privacy is still a big thing then think about having thinner curtains or layering your sheers, plain voile with a patterned voile on top to create layers that you can pick and choose through depending on what you need at that moment in time or even black out roller blinds wound tightly into the window frame so that they’re hidden when not being used. Light grey or pale walls let any natural light coming in bounce off them, if you chose a paint that has a slight sheen its great for reflecting light too.

    Now here is the obvious one, use lighting that has a warm glow about it, that means focusing on ambient and mood lighting rather than your big functional lights. Choose your colour temperature (technical term: Kelvin) appropriately, most LED bulbs now have colour charts on the boxes to make life easier for you. But to visualise each end of the spectrum, candlelight is about 1800 (kelvin) and a cloudy day is about 6000 (kelvin) so to achieve the warm glow that we are looking for you would choose a lamp about 2800 (kelvin). Keep your mood and ambient lights fairly low level, it creates a lovely intimate feeling within your spaces, I’m always inclined to suggest to my clients that they should have 2-3 different mood lights which help to add depth to the space and of course you can change the mood as it suits you, for that reason I would make sure that some of your lights are on dimmer switches. Don’t forget you also need your task lights to be at the bluer end of the kelvin spectrum as we do need to make sure we are practical and are able to complete tasks in enough light.

    Do you have any other go-to’s for adding warmth to your space? If I was an expert baker I would say baking and the lovely wafts of cakes fresh out the oven, because come on, they do add warmth by invoking your sense of smell which you instinctively associate with warm!

    Anyone agree? Anyone reading care to send me some banana bread or something equally delicious?


  • Vitra and The Conran Shop Host First UK ‘Eames Lounge Chair Atelier’

    Isn’t this exciting? I am ecstatic about this and I do love a good old Eames! So for those that might be interested or would love to see this in action, or even buy themselves a new chair, get yourself down to this event over the weekend. The Conran Shop in Chelsea (81 Fulham Road, London SW3 6RD) is the place to be on the 14th and 15th October.

    This October, Vitra will hold an exclusive event at The Conran Shop Chelsea, offering customers and design enthusiasts alike the unique opportunity to create and buy a personalised edition of the timeless Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman in its most iconic version: black leather upholstery with a Santos Palisander frame.

    The pop-up Atelier event, which will take place on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October, is the first of its kind in the UK and aims to tell the story behind the world’s most famous chair by bringing its production to life.

    The Lounge Chair is one of Ray and Charles Eames’ most renowned designs and Vitra has produced it with the same care and precision for more than 50 years. In an open workshop at the Atelier event, customers will get the unique chance to ‘go behind the scenes’ and experience the true craftsmanship that goes into making each piece.

    This on-site assembly offers the opportunity to choose and see first-hand the exact materials being used, the individual production tasks and the sustainability of the design. Customers who decide to purchase an Eames Chair and Ottoman and have it made in the ‘Mobile Lounge Chair Atelier’ will become owners of a one-of-a-kind piece, exclusively engraved to show that it was made at The Conran Shop, and will be able to leave the shop with their purchase on the very same day.

    If you do want to ‘book’ to create your own chair then you can do this either by booking in-store, by email: or by phone: 020 7589 7401. Places are limited so I would get in touch sooner rather than later.

    About The Conran Shop

    Founded by Sir Terence Conran in 1974, The Conran Shop has established itself as one of the leading lifestyle retailers in the world, offering an eclectic and handpicked collection of gifts, furniture, lighting and personal accessories from some of the world’s most respected designers and emerging talents.

    With its unique heritage, dedication to providing an unbeatable shopping experience and its carefully curated products, including vintage and modern designs, expert interior advice and personal services, The Conran Shop is the go-to place for any type of gift or interiors inspiration. The Conran Shop currently has ten stores across the world, three in London, one in Paris and six in Japan.

    About Vitra

    Creating innovative products and concepts with great designers is Vitra’s essence. They are developed in Switzerland and installed worldwide by architects, companies and private users to build inspirational spaces for living, working and shopping as well as public areas. With its classics, Vitra represents ground-breaking 20th century design. Today, in combining technical and conceptual expertise with the creativity of contemporary designers, Vitra seeks to continue pushing the boundaries of the design discipline.

    I was right, wasn’t I? Did you book and get yourself a fantastically, lovely and iconic chair? Please share your photo’s, it would be great to see the chair in your home or office…. how have you styled it?