• NEWS ALERT: Amara Blog Awards!

    So very big news – Guess who has been nominated for an Amara Blog Award?! I am beyond excited and honoured to have even been nominated – so thank you!!


    I am down for ‘Interior Lifestyle’ and when nominations open in a couple of weeks i do hope that you will all vote for me!! Thank you!!

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  • Spring is Here – Goals for the Season

    MD Flowers AP
    Spring Flowers – The Colours!

    With the clocks going forward, giving us more daylight it already feels like spring is here. The bright weather makes me feel like i need to set myself some goals for the season and I feel more optimistic and that goals are more achievable (suddenly?!). I am also hoping that by writing them down and letting the whole world see them i’m more inclined to commit to them, fingers crossed!

    My Blog
    So i have been blogging a while but i did lose my flow, now i’m trying to build it back up again and i really want to commit to it. Time is usually the issue but i think i am going to try and schedule regular weekly ‘blog time’ and get Mr P to push me to commit, i actually love writing it and getting my posts ready so its just the sitting down to physically get on the platform and write that i need to work out. I am also in the process of re-branding and creating a few mini-series features (watch this space). Lots of exciting things planned for the blog-o-sphere so lots to keep me busy!

    I’m an Interior Designer by day (and night!) and I really do need to focus on working on more projects that excite me, don’t get me wrong I have a few jobs on at present but I do need to push and strive to get myself working on more. This is the dream! When asked when I was younger ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ my answer was ‘an interior designer’ so here I am now with more than a decades experience across multiple sectors working for myself and various others, so I appreciate where I have got to and what I have achieved! But I (always) need to do more. I do have a Facebook page for this too but you’ll probably find me on Instagram and Pinterest more as I love the way these platforms allow you to share visually! Instagram is usually where you’ll find insider photos of any current projects or instant inspiration.

    Meet More Creatives
    Its hard to meet creatives if you don’t work with them or meet them through work, but since I’ve said to myself its the best source of inspiration I am on the hunt, and some of these people will be featured as part of my mini-series. Can’t wait!! I’ve recently met loads of inspiring people and hope to collaborate with some of them too!

    Those of you that know me, know that I’ve always wanted to curate my own homewares collection and I’ve got a collection bubbling away in my head which is just bursting to be committed to paper so that I could possibly start thinking about how to recreate and produce these items. Maybe its the fear of committing to paper meaning making it a reality that i’m scared of – who knows. I mean it may take months and months before i could even think about getting samples made but i have to start somewhere. So come on, get the sketchbook out and start writing, brainstorming and sketching!

    Now it might be pretty obvious that we all need air, but this is a fairly easy goal, I want to make a conscious effort to get outside more often. Its lighter and brighter now so its time to go for those long walks, get some exercise and generally get fresh air (as fresh as you can get when living in the hustle and bustle!).

    Any relatable goals? What have you aimed to get through by the time summer hits? Do you have any ideas for me on any of my goals? Be great to hear from you.

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  • Getting Creative

    So part of my problem has been that I’m struggling to get creative, its through no fault of the universes, just mine. I find myself over thinking everything and so not able to just ‘be’ or get creative with anything. You could say a mind block of sorts. Yes as an interior designer that can be a problem!

    So in order to inspire me I’m assuming I need to actually ‘do’ more creative things, I’ve compiled a lovely list of things that I could do to help me be more creative. What do you think of these ideas? Do you have any other ideas that I could try?

    Here’s my pick of creative activities that will ignite some inspiration:

    1. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and depending on how many types of people you follow you can get such a variety of things pop up in your opening page. Its worth spending some time on here and really getting to know how it works, setting your boards up and following different people and others boards. Start by pinning at least 5 pins a day and aim to increase this slowly. You could set yourself a category and only pin things that are relevant to this on a specific day or you could pin lots of random things. I always try to be specific in my search so will pick a category; more recently the keywords I have searched are ‘small kitchens’ ‘children’s bedrooms’ ‘kint sugi’ so as you can see you can be specific and find all sorts of wonderful imagery
    2. Doodling; everyone doodles, it’s a simple way of triggering the creative and generating ideas. You don’t have to plan to do this and it is just something that seems to naturally happen for a lot of people. The best time to doodle, I find, is when you are on the phone. The sub consciousness takes over and you end up drawing all sorts of things that are stuck in your head. Are you a doodler?
    3. Book an inspirational course; there are so many courses out there, there must be something suitable for everyone. Everyone has the ability to learn something new, but most people don’t take advantage of it. Learning a new skill doesn’t have to only mean a ‘creative’ skill, you could learn some new software, learn to speak Japanese or even how to balance books. The great thing about these courses is that they are usually short courses which mean you don’t need to commit to a long time frame and you can learn your new skill and roll on with it almost immediately. I’m thinking that I really need to improve my Instagram photography so maybe I will take one of Emily Quinton’s Makelight Photography courses!
    4. Go and see an inspirational exhibition, the beauty of living in London is the abundance of art galleries, exhibitions and cultural venues in and around the capital. Are there any that come to mind? I think of heading to the Tate Britain to look at the Turner Prize finalists and try to understand how they have come up with what they have!

    How do you plan to get creative? Do you have any other ideas? It would be great to hear what you do to get creative and inspired. Leave me a note below, lets compare lists.

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  • My Goals for 2014….

    GOALS 2014

    Instead of ‘new years resolutions’ i’m taking them to be my ‘GOALS’ for 2014… I’m not sure if that means that they are more achievable but i will certainly give it a good go!

    To put my health first and look after number 1, apt that this is my first goal of 2014! In order to achieve all my blind ambitions (believe me there are lots of them!!) I need to be in good health, physically and mentally! Looking after myself doesn’t mean that i need to become a fitness guru, it means eating well, sleeping well and taking on less stress…. easier said than done, but I’m going to give it a good go!

    2014 is about increasing the amount I blog and making sure my online presence allows my audience to understand me and what I am all about! I still have a lot to learn but with the worldwide web as my teacher and lots of fabulous blogs out there I think I’m in capable hands!

    When life gets busy you almost forget all the positive thoughts you are trying to channel on a daily basis, when the going gets tough i need to make sure i remain positive and determined ’til the end. ‘Be positive, I can do it’ is what i need to keep telling myself and focus on.

    I have a dream of visiting South America, its the only part of the world i haven’t seen (kind of!) and i would very much like to start adding places from this continent to my map of places i have been…. Its pretty full, so i shouldn’t moan but i want to add to it. Different cultures and different cities add to the diversity of your creativity and fuel my curiosity, so i welcome it!

    Working as a project manager (currently this is where i am in my life) sometimes the creativity suffers and you find yourself tied to the laptop and endless excel spreadsheets rather than being on site and sourcing wonderful items for the vast projects you are managing…. Its part and parcel of the industry and personally i think all designers need to be able to do it all in order to provide the best service! However I don’t want my creative side to suffer and feel left out, so this year i need to make sure i set myself projects and tasks to nurture my creativity, after all i am a creative person first and foremost!

    So thats my list, not very extensive but it allows me to focus on whats most important and thats me (goal number 1!! yaay!)…. I need to make sure my head is in the zone and goals are easier to tick off the list rather than resolutions, even though they are all ongoing…. i found making this list quite difficult and had to think very carefully before i committed myself. What are your resolutions? Are they resolutions or goals? Have you broken any yet? 13 days in… let me know what you think of me turning mine into goals!

    You’ll be hearing more from me this year!!

    My sign off