The Interior Designers Club Ideal Client Profile Questions


The Interior Designers Club Ideal Client Profile Questions can help you to really understand who it is you are serving, allowing you to shape your services and marketing, to attract those clients you really want to work with.


The Interior Designers Club Ideal Client Profile Questions will help you put together a profile of your ideal client, to get really clear with your marketing strategy and make sure your messaging is precise in speaking to your IC.

Do you know who you want to work with but just can’t put pen to paper to actually understand them?
Maybe you’ve been told to put a client profile together but unsure of the questions to ask?

With this comprehensive pdf of questions to ask you’ll have all you need to get you focused in on who this person actually is, and so attracting those clients and design projects that you really love to work with.

Having templates for your interior design business is one of the best investments you can make to increase your efficiency.

Here in The Resource Shop you’ll find a good list of premade, done for you spreadsheets, proposals, brochures and presentations – created by Aarti Popat of The Interior Designers Club and used in her own business. With these templates you can make the running of your work projects and day to day business practices simplified, streamlined, and all around easier!

All of this helps you have a better functioning business, faster client onboarding and project completions and happier interior design clients.

Whether you’ve been running your own business for a while, are a startup, or new entrepreneur, getting your paperwork in order can be tricky and time consuming. With The Interior Designers Club’s ready to go, productivity boosting templates you’ll have all you need to get the ball rolling towards success in your interior design business.

The Resource Shop templates include all you’ll need – from client acquiring, to project management, time blocking and financial organisation – putting together a professional client experience for your concept ideas and creative projects, all the while ensuring that behind the scenes in your business runs smoothly, so you’ll find you have extra time to work on your business, rather than in it.


Aarti Popat, interior designer and creator of The Interior Designers Club membership

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Take a look at my Interior Designer Services and The Interior Designers Club – the membership group for ambitious female interior designers, hosted by me, Aarti Popat.


I’ve worked across the interior design Industry for over 15 years and now I’m on a mission to show others the way. I’m passionate about helping others get there quicker than I did, without making the same mistakes I made, so I created a place for you to learn and grow.





Please note that this is an online product. You will receive the link to access your template by email within 24 hours of purchase, although it’ll often be quicker, if not instant. This is a pdf that you will be able to download and work through.