Home is where we begin and end our day, so naturally it should be a place of calm, serene, cosy and all engulfing. A place that you want to come back to, a place for you to just ‘be’ in whatever state of alertness or relaxation that may be. It has been proven that our environment affects our stress levels which then affects our well being. So you want to create a space that is completely in line with making you feel good, a space that has a place for everything and everything is certainly in its place. Its about getting that balance just right – not too overdone or too minimalist – it needs to tell the story of you, and who you are, where you might have been and what has shaped you.

Now to create this haven, just for you, you should think about a few things; colours, patterns, furniture and accessories. Choose finishes and loose items for practicality as well as style and aesthetic. At the back of your mind you must think about creating that zen space – will this work, will it create that calm and serene mood I want to create? Does it tell or hint at my personality or life experiences like travel around the world? Time in a monastery? or even the high flying business owner that you are? Think about what you want your space, your home, your room to talk about. Don’t overly clutter the space so that each piece you have chosen can breathe, make an impact and tell a story.

Many of us are guilty of owning too many things (guilty as charged!), its hard to let ‘go’ of things – don’t get me wrong I’m as sentimental as they come, but do you really need to keep your first ever phone from way back when they invented them and they were the size of a brick?? All of these ‘things’ that we keep (read: hoard) aren’t good for our well being, or our health and they impact our creativity – not what we need! Now to de-clutter is therapeutic in itself but also allows us to feel lighter, fresher and regain that spring in our step. Ready to do it? Yay me too… here are some simple ways to get started on that task:

1. Write a list (you knew that was coming!) of all the boxes/cupboards/drawers/rooms you need to go through.

2. Take small steps, dedicate 15 minutes each day to working on a part of the tasks and set a timer – stop as soon as it chimes and come back to it the following day.

3. Do one room/wardrobe/cupboard at a time – don’t flit between them or you’ll lose focus like we spoke about when talking about being productive, here.

4. One in, one out rule totally applies to this – every time you get rid of something you can buy another (you have my permission).

5. Don’t give yourself space for clutter – the spare room or that empty box – get rid of it, turn that spare room into an office or a home gym.

6. Good one for the wardrobe – take everything off the hangers, get rid of 5 hangers, hang them all back up by going through your clothes in preference order, anything left not on a hanger can go.

7. My fav – create a memory box and keep all your treasured items in here so they don’t get mistakenly thrown out.

8. Sort out paperwork as soon as it arrives rather than letting it accumulate.

9. Get the Marie Kondo book – its packed with useful hints and tips on how to de-clutter like a pro, the KonMarie way.

What other ways can you think of to shake the cluttered, tied down, heaviness that our homes might have been surrounded by?