Being British I think it is second nature to love the tradition of afternoon tea, and I absolutely love love love it! I am actually not a tea drinker, I much prefer coffee and is definitely my go to first thing in the morning. However, when I go for afternoon tea I revel in the tasting of all the different flavours of tea on offer. Usually the first go to tea is an Assam to whet my taste-buds and then off I go to try new flavours.

You must have guessed that I have been to many an afternoon tea session and I’m going to save telling you which my favourite was for another occasion. Over the weekend we went to Dolls House on the Hill, a lovely quaint vintage cafe on Harrow on the Hill. The location is in the older parts of Harrow, where the architecture is gorgeous (think period properties) and the views down across the town and greenery just amazing. I long to have someone just come outside their doors and ask me design their homes, which I would do sympathetically to the architecture and the period of the property, as well as fusing some scandi-esque style into it. I do love to fuse design aesthetics together.

We had one of the best seats in the house with a view out of their rear windows, since we were perched on a hill it was just green (hard to believe in London, I know). We had some lovely vegetarian sandwich’s (which we had to pre-order, no changing on the day) with scones, clotted cream and jam – do you spread jam first or cream? I am an avid believer that clotted cream goes first and then you only need a dollop of jam, but who says I’m right? Right? The cakes came last, and although full we had to try them all and finish them, it would be rude not to. The cakes were a little too sweet and rich for me, I think it would have been better if they had been smaller portions and I much preferred the savoury as well as the tea. All served on delicate vintage china which was just lovely, imagine what the story is behind each set? I am all up for stories behind an item.

The staff were lovely and always attentive, they also had a full house and what looked to be a hen party and a baby shower all at the same time – BUSY! I think they also have a private room downstairs, so if you are planning a private party then this is just the perfect setting.

Where have you been recently for afternoon tea? Was it any good? Be great to add to my list and try it out, comment below and lets see where else I can go.