Dirty Dancing

So a few Saturday’s ago saw a few of us going back to 1963 and taking a mini vacation to Kellermans Resort. For those that know nothing about the film ‘Dirty Dancing’ take a look. The ultimate chick flick and one that should be seen by all at least once!

Future Cinema is the spin-off from the ever-popular Secret Cinema and in short they are both immersive experiences each with their particular quirks. As ‘secret’ suggests the film that you will experience is not going to be divulged to you until you are at the location they have asked you to be at. Future Cinema creates an immersive and social cinema environment where you are able to ‘experience’ the film in real life.

Enough on the history, and how it works, as I told Mr P, you really have to experience it to know what it’s all about! He suggested I take the girls with me, as there was no way he was going to watch ‘some chick flick’ as he put it!

The weeks in the lead up to the event saw emails flooding to my inbox advising me of what to wear, stores that I could get these items, details of ‘dance classes’ that would prepare me for the show and telling me what would be going on at Kellermans Resort during my ‘stay’. It really involved you and made you feel like you were part of the resort and that it was all real.

Outside Kellermans

The day of the event we were all dressed in the relevant 1960’s attire and met at Kings Cross armed with our suitcases, beach balls, and popcorn, it felt as if we were going away on holiday albeit only for 6 hours!! We got off at Hackney Downs and followed the trail of many other ladies to the resort entrance.

Once in, we were registered, given our resort pass and then given an orientation to the resort where we wandered through to all the delights on offer. First we were taught the Kellerman Anthem and then went on to dance lessons, played crochet, and shown the art of soap carving. Soap carving was surprisingly easy to get to grips with but slightly sticky and messy, especially with the winds blowing around us. We rounded off our trip around the resort with a trip to the ‘staff quarters’….. We partied with the staff and learnt their very groovy dance moves just like the movie!

We then went to the Kellerman’s bar, grabbed a few drinks (it wasn’t that easy as it was soo very crowded) and then went to get some food before we settled down to ready ourselves for the screening of the film. The food stalls were in abundance, the choice of hot dogs, chips, burgers, nacho’s, falafels, lobster rolls, sorbet, watermelons (see the ‘I carried a watermelon’ clip in the film for reference!) and alcohol was amazing!

We went for falafel wraps, the queue was shorter and the pace at which the ‘falafel man made our wraps was just out of this world, I wish I had recorded the process, we had our wraps in less than 30 seconds and they tasted just as good if not better than the usual 20 minutes you have to wait in restaurants.

Wine, falafel wraps with toffee popcorn for dessert whilst sitting on a picnic mat watching the big screen in open air is a novel concept for Brits at the end of august… one that we intended to fully make the most of, although it got very chilly towards the end of the night, luckily for me one of the friends bought a large fleece ‘throw’ that we all wrapped up in!

Once the film was in full swing everyone got into it, and every time a ‘song’ came on the floodlights would be switched onto the crowd and everyone got up and started dancing, dance moves learnt or not, it felt like a really big party! It also kept us warm too!! There were even a few attempts at the running flying hold that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey did in the finale at the end of the film, most not very successfully!

After the film ended they played about an hours worth of 60’s classic’s and the crowds danced, dispersed and played with their beach balls, in the end the sky was a sight with beach balls flying here there and everywhere! An amazing end it to brilliant night, well done Future Cinema, I look forward to the next one and so do my newly converted friends!

Thats me for now!

My sign off