This show was just phenomenal! I was like a super excited child when my little sister (not so little!) told me she’d booked tickets for us to go, particularly as it had been sold out for an age and getting tickets was proving to be very difficult!!

It was created by Diqui James in Buenos Aires in 2005, it is a ‘post modern’ theatre show that allows that audience to be immersed in the experience. The shows name ‘Fuerzabruta’ means ‘brute force’ in english, and watching the show gave you a feeling of anger and had an aggressive tone of voice. The choice of venue was quite apt as the circular shape of the main space lends itself quite well to a performance that comes at you from all angles!! One minute there would be performers in front of you, then to the side, up above, behind you, it was constantly moving and keeping you engaged, although i did have a sore neck towards the end.

I was constantly trying to figure out the storyline only to be told by little sis that it didn’t have one and it was just about performance stints all joined together to create a longer overall performance. That disappointed me slightly…. if only Diqui James had thought this through better, such a show could have had a very big impact on the spectators, he could have created a message… was there a subversive message that wasn’t to be said aloud but existed? Has anyone else seen it? Perhaps i missed something?

Fuerzbrata Fuerzbrata2 Fuerzbrata3


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