Today on Coffee with a Creative we are meeting a Sonika Kudhail, of The Little Me Casting Studio, she is one of the many creatives I have had the joy to interview, talking about her, her business and her favourite hot drink of choice!

What is your coffee (tea, infusions, hot chocolate) of choice?

Caramel Latte

What inspired you to set up your Company?

I was feeling ‘meh’ about my career as a teacher and wanted a change! I’ve always been quite creative, making weird and wonderful things for home, family and friends! So…my husband actually inspired me to jump off my career ladder as a teacher and do something I enjoy! So as my husband is in the dental field, he came up with the creative idea of taking impressions of babies’ hands and feet as a keepsake! I never let him finish his train of thought and went full steam ahead, with researching, training and The Little Me Casting Studio was born! I’m just an ordinary woman who decided to go for it!

Can you describe a typical workday (from wake up to lights out)?

My previous work day involved: internal screaming, fantasising about my dramatic exit speech and thinking ‘please give me inner strength, get me through this day’. Well I’m glad to say that is all behind me and there is a hope!!! I wake up excited to start my new life, every morning. I check my emails, social media and get back to any enquiries. Then it’s breakfast and coffee!!

Then I time block to structure my day and productivity: so check my diary for any upcoming appointments and prepare for them by packing all my materials in a travel suitcase (I’m a mobile caster). I attend any appointments I have that day (no more than 2-3 a day). Take gorgeous impressions of a baby’s hand or foot or both (crazy but fun) and go back and cast them and reveal the lovely results and leave them to dry for 3-4 weeks! Then, just as a Blue Peter presenter says ‘here’s one we made earlier’ (from 3 weeks ago) we tidy and finish the cast, with a special paint and wax and present them beautifully in our bespoke frames. Everyday can be different and meeting lovely customers and their babies is a joy – no more internal screaming!

Describe your signature style

It’s got to be our deluxe, contemporary black frame with silver casts, baby picture and name plaque

Describe the best project you could get if budget was a non-contender

Taking an impression of a celebrities’ baby…that would be exciting! Then maybe turning that into pure GOLD!!

What’s next for the Company?

The Little Me Casting Studio is only 6 months old…so at the moment, it’s building on my products and getting more recognised! I do have some crazy plans for the future….but baby steps for now

What is the best thing about the creative scene in your city?
The creative scene in Wolverhampton is more vibrant than ever, with so many artists playing their part! From the Arena theatre to the Grand to Wolverhampton as a city, promoting and supporting creativity and small businesses! Wolverhampton is changing and the best thing is opportunity! #wolvesart

Who is the creative to watch?
All in all, anyone that has the passion and drive in the creative scene is the one to watch!
The Pop Art movement!!! Students ! University of Wolverhampton is home to one of the greatest Pop Art collections outside of London. 

How and why did you become a *said* designer/creative?

As mentioned before it was the lack of happiness in my teacher life that changed me for the worse and it was a wake up call from the husband that changed me for the better! I love being myself and being able to express myself in my work!

What are your top 3 *creative* tips?

– Trust yourself and your skill, it will show in your work 
– Simplicity – sometimes less is more. Your creative ideas can come in random bursts, but combining them can turn into something quite messy! Strip away anything unnecessary and your are left with a gem!
– Feedback – an outsider’s perspective can sometimes ignite the extra touch of creativity you are looking for – communicate with your customers!

What *creative* design trends do you wish would go away?

People trying to cut corners! It’s annoying, especially when you know they are NOT being ignorant!

Describe your life in 5 words

Your dreams CAN be reality

What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for inspiration, support and love

What is your perfect weekend in the City?

Food, food and food!! I love doing escape rooms at the moment!

What is your prefect weekend in the Countryside?

Spa, walks and more food (nice gastropub)

Where in the World is your most favourite place to visit and why?

Dubai! It’s such a diverse place with a lot of culture! It’s also very glamorous and has amazing restaurants!

Sonika can be found on social media on Instagram and Facebook. Have a look at her work and think about whether you want a hand or a foot casting in solid gold – it would make Sonika’s dream project a reality!

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