Today on Coffee with a Creative we are talking to Carol Hanson, of Ufurria, she is one of the lovely ladies I have had the pleasure to meet, talking about her, her business and her favourite hot drink of choice!

What is your coffee (tea, infusions, hot chocolate) of choice?

Latte or Hot Chocolate

What inspired you to set up your Company?

My grandmother who inspired the first product when she purchased me a faux fur jacket from a charity sale some 35 years ago.

Can you describe a typical workday (from wake up to lights out)?

I run three completely different businesses so I can guarantee that no day is ever the same. But with my creative venture I’m using all my skills to spin lots of plates at the moment as we have just launched our retail offering.

Describe your signature style

I tend to stand out in a crowd!

Describe the best project you could get if budget was a non-contender

Good question! Having just read Andrea Shulman’s Inside Vogue: My Diary of 100th Year and now listening to Grace Coddington’s biography it would have to be a major feature in Vogue.

What’s next for the Company?

A successful first season.

What is the best thing about the creative scene in your city?
I don’t live in a city but in a gorgeous market town 30 miles north of London. This enables me to take advantage of the energy of the London scene and reconnect with the beauty of the countryside.

How and why did you become a *said* designer/creative?

I want to leave my mark on the British fashion industry. I know that sounds cliched but it’s also true. My opportunity to develop my one product idea came in December 2015 when I was introduced to a designer who has helped me to expand the range and is my creative muse!

What are your top 3 *creative* tips?

I don’t have tips specifically for these industries but what I would say is that as an entrepreneur you should follow your dream. Determination, passion and understanding your big why are crucial.

What *creative* design trends do you wish would go away?

Hygge – don’t get me wrong I love Scandinavian design, understated, cool with lots of minimalism but I hate the way it’s just been over marketed.

Describe your life in 5 words

An exciting and interesting journey.

What are you thankful for?

My relationships – with family, friends and my amazing networks

What is your perfect weekend in the City?

Exploring and getting off the beaten track

What is your prefect weekend in the Countryside?

Being with my husband and my dogs

Where in the World is your most favourite place to visit and why?

I’ve got a few! Barcelona – my favourite city I never tire of visiting. Corsica – the most mountainous and beautiful island in the Med. Goa – fabulous vibe. amazing people and fantastic food!

If you want to take a look at some of Carol’s products then pop over to her website, she has some great lifestyle shots showcasing her products, and lets face it, we definitely have the weather for it!  Keep up with Ufurria on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter and look at the noise they are making!