The visit to ‘Bills’ in Hoxton Square was impromptu but a pleasure! Being a vegetarian I dreaded looking at the menu but was pleasantly surprised!


The choice was great and the fuss minimal which meant that I was able to catch up with my friend the ‘torontonian’ in peace and in lush surroundings!

The main reason for choosing Bills was so that I could take in the interior and check out the design without looking like a weirdo!

I love the urban-ness of the exposed brickwork, the clean open ceiling where cable trays are fixed to the ceiling with varying light fixtures hang from it.

The Interior Design is an eclectic mix of american loft style intertwined with quirky fun.

They have bunches of red chilli’s hanging from most windows and open spaces. Where the chillies are missing there is a light fitting of some sorts. This has the potential to look really awful but they’ve balanced it well… I just had to take a peek downstairs to see what they’d done to the basement space, and make sure that it looked in keeping (of course!) with the rest of the finely designed interior!

Will definitely be visiting again soon! I will leave you with some photo’s of the interior…. forgive the quality!

My sign off