I’m working on a new residential design project, but this project is different. Why is it different you ask? Well firstly it’s for an interior designer (uh-oh) and secondly it’s for my worst critic (me!), this presents me with the biggest problem… How do you work on a creative project when it’s for yourself and you are super fussy and want everything you’ve ever desired creatively to be in it.

I’m losing the battle before I’ve even started, I’m one of those clients that is a know it all, the ones that you kind of dread because they know everything before you’ve even suggested it!

So how do you design for yourself? I’ve had to put ground rules in place in order to stop myself from going completely mad trying to do it all to perfection and stop myself from waking up at night in blind panic because I might have forgotten something.

The first was to introduce a budget that isn’t controlled by me – Mr P begrudgingly agreed to be the client (knowing fully well that he would be the person I would hold fully responsible if I didn’t get what I wanted).

Secondly I have given myself a very tight timeline and only allow myself to work on the project at set times during the week, otherwise I’d be working on it every hour that God has given me and achieve nothing!

Lastly I have told myself that I need to make quick and clear decisions otherwise I could be here forever trying to perfect and recreate everything, but I just haven’t the time or the budget… The project goes to site next week! Wish me luck!

Have you worked on any personal projects recently? Did they go to plan? What tips would you share?

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