If you’re anything like me then you don’t have any green fingers, not even toes! So I was pleased when one of my oh-so-cool friends (read: expert gardener) told me that there were certain plants that even I could look after, even though I was time-poor and very very forgetful at times… what was that you wanted me to do Mr P?!!

Plants bring warmth and soften the interior, and it has long been my dream to cultivate a lovely indoor garden, they also have huge health benefits – one being to purify the air.

Aloe Vera

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This is the plant to have, apply aloe onto scars, burns and the such, it instantly soothes the skin. It loves dry soil so don’t water it very often, and find the warmest spot in your house as this plant loves the warmth. The added bonus is that they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and look pretty cool too – the one plant that I do have so far and its still going strong!

Spider Plant

This plant is super easy to grow and can withstand lots of neglect, indirect sunlight is great for it. It definitely adds visual interest to a room and they like moist soil in medium to bright light.

Peace Lily

This is a popular houseplant with its dark leaves and white blooms and is really easy to grow. Low maintenance is the word, this plant has to dry out between watering so if you forget to water it (me) then this is perfect! It thrives in low light conditions, perfect for those rooms with no windows. They are also on NASA’s list of top air-cleaning plants – that is definitely good to know!

Rubber Tree Plant

This plant is easy to grow and can grow up to 8ft, or taller and has the shineyest green leaves. This plant prefers its soil to dry out in between watering and likes to be in bright rooms.


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This plant has an air-purifying quality that absorbs toxins – perfect – and it thrives in a variety of light conditions, the stems can grow very long so you’ll need to trim it down once in a while to keep it looking neat. Guess what – irregular watering is ok – yaay! They’re also called devil’s vine or devil’s ivy just because they’re almost impossible to kill.

English Ivy

Ivy has a certain elegance about it and its trail can look really beautiful hanging down from the mantel. It also makes a great gift as it can be regrown just from a cutting. This plant also prefers moist soil and its advisable to keep it in cooler rooms in your home.

The great thing is that with the plethora of indoor plants available on the market it makes for great styling of your interior space, and its always nice to bring the outside in, create that zen in your interior. I’m sure there are many other plants that I haven’t discovered yet, do you have any favourites? Be great to see photos of any in your home, put them into the comments below.